UI&us is about User Interface Design, User Experience design and the cognitive psychology behind design in general. It's written by Keith Lang, co-founder of Skitch; now a part of Evernote.  His views and opinions are his own and do not represent in any way the views or opinions of any company. 

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Eye Tracking and Forms

I just became aware of a nice eye-tracking study on website forms, using samples from Yahoo! Mail, Googlemail, Hotmail and eBay. The 10 Web form design guidelines are the result of eyetracking data captured by CXpartners, and contains subtle and practical tips. via @johnparillo via @georgesduverger

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Secret of Amazon's Market-Beating Success?

Techflash reports this week that Amazon.com posted a 9 percent net income gain in it's Q4 results. Despite current economic situation, Amazon.com is booming.

I buy a lot of stuff through Amazon, mainly because I like the user experience. I find the buying experience better than anything else out there, bricks or mortar. If I recall, Amazon utilize a Darwinian system of serving differing website versions simultaneously. I would love clarification, if anyone has a link.

Apple also reported significantly improved profit up from the same quarter last year.

Is this a trend? I'd love to hear more examples, if you know them, of user experience focussed companies bucking the downward trend.

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