UI&us is about User Interface Design, User Experience design and the cognitive psychology behind design in general. It's written by Keith Lang, co-founder of Skitch; now a part of Evernote.  His views and opinions are his own and do not represent in any way the views or opinions of any company. 

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On Intuitive Design


We're practically useless at birth. We know maybe a very few things. We can hear sound. We have some inbuilt smell and hormonal detectors wired up. We might even know how to breath if the rude shock of being born inspires us. We have some vague idea of how to position ourselves on a nipple, maybe. We know we like the warmth and smell and sound of our mother's chest.

Everything else is learnt.  Newtonian physics. Sharp vs blunt. Light vs dark. The very same object can look different in different lighting, and from different angles. One object can occulde another. Objects can be interacted with. There are self-directed things. Etc. The best we can do is apply our learnt knowledge/sense to new situations, with possibly some experimentation on the way.

My take on the definition of Intuitive Design: The maximum intuitive design requires the minumum cognitive abstractions to parallel an existing model and mininimum experimentation, resulting in an understanding which contains the maximum truth with maximum confidence, delivered to the the maximum diversity of people



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